A couple more fell this week, but it’s late and I’m only just back from the graps so…

Graps kit: Braun Strowman ‘Monster among Men’ tank top

Tunes: Pantera…at least until my headphones died. Press f.

Those bags in trees never contain treasure

The ones in Windsor great park never do anyway.

First morning of lengthy training before work tomorrow. I’m aiming for around three hours of running with core strength exercises built in. After that, one lesson, another run and then wrrrrreesssttlllinngggg where I’ll end up buying shirts to “train in”…

Graps kit: Fergal Devitt ‘Prince is Dead’

Tunes: Skrillex ‘equinox’

I don’t need a witty title because Windsor Great Park is just too damn pretty

Here’s a couple of points of interest from my big run today.

This is the cascade. It’s a man-made waterfall in between two steep , winding hills. It’s actually a 1780 reconstruction as the original got destroyed. Maybe by Gigan. I’m not sure.

The ruins at leptis magna are actually a folly and built using actual ruins from Tripolis. Strange but true. Also, in a nice turn of irony, my iPad wants these to be “leftist manga”.

The trails around here are really gorgeous . I felt *healthy* running them today in a way I don’t think I have before. My resilience to distances seems to have jumped drastically over the last few weeks too- my weekly average is now ultra distance.

Graps kit: Seth Rollins yellow logo shirt

Tunes: voicians

The School Pants

If you ever had “an accident ” at school, you were tarnished by the shame of the SCHOOL PANTS (capitals deliberate).

There should be a picture here of the school pants but the shame is too great.

Everybody scorned you for wearing the school pants.

Today I had to wear…

The school socks. Look, I haven’t ever had to relieve myself midrun and I’m not starting now. Doesn’t mean I remember to pack my damn work socks though.

It was that or wear damp, bright yellow compression socks. The school pants are moderately less embarrassing.

Graps kit: fight Owens fight ltd edition shirt.

Tunes: the new Waveshaper album.

Nakamura Face

When you go to the local park and your kids are running around, avoiding the freshly laid dog toffees and broken glass, spare a thought for the guy on the bench making this face:

For he is lying prone, doing a mix of core strength and hip flexor rehabs. To the untrained eye it looks like some skinny white guy making a mix of a Nakamura noises and faces, but trust me, that’s it.

Graps kit: Kota Ibushi ‘sonic’ Uk debut shirt

Tunes: Florence and the Machine ‘Hunger’.

Purgatory Part 2

Windsor on a rest day. It’s not quite Madame Tussaud’s levels of hell but still an exercise in patience.

Technically a rest day. Got two km in and a good swim. Finishing up rest day by staying up to watch wrestling, of course.

Kit: Sheamus ‘Celtic warrior’ shirt

Tunes: the sounds of 1000 tortured souls taking selfies in Windsor amidst the lamenting honks of Canada geese.

Kneel before Zod

The title has nothing to do with today’s blog. Sorry.

Today is basically a rest day although I did get a slow 5km in. Strava seems to have REALLY bugged out as apparently it took me five hours.

Strava, today at least, is more this Zod:


South Pacific Power couple logo shirt.